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Nitro Truggy is Here.

Everybody knows the Bigfoot Monster Truck, it is iconic in the world of trucks and off-roading. For some people, especially those that grew up in the ’70s, the truck even holds special meaning

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Are you looking for a kit to build this fall? If so, the new Trail Finder 2 “LWB” Mojave II Four Door Kit is part scaler, part adventurer, and looks like loads of fun to build and drive. The long wheelbase of the latest TF2 can come in mighty handy out on the trail, while its incredible scale detailing will leave the other guys in your crew wanting one of their own.

RC4WD RTR Beast II 6×6 Truck

The Beast II Body Set comes in durable hard plastic with molded green color for that perfect military look. Every detail from the molded body set is painstakingly installed for an amazing finish. The Mil-Spec Body Set is made up of 100 parts and pieces. It’s all here to bring your build to next level. Metal detail parts are included to bring the realism to life including lenses for signal lights. Easy to add lighting kit (sold separately).


Hello and welcome back to Bashers Basics! In this post, we will look at batteries, and what you need to know before upgrading. I fondly remember the days where I rocked that 7 cell Nimh battery, trying to extract every last ounce of power out of my “rtr” battery

How To: Remove Anodizing From Aluminum Parts

Many RC cars these days are identifiable by their anodized aluminum parts. For instance, HPI almost always uses purple or orange; Traxxas vehicles use blue anodized parts and Axial went with green. Sometimes you may be into a vehicle, but not the color used to coat the aluminum parts and that can be a deal breaker for you when purchasing a vehicle.

How To: Boost the Strength of Plastic Parts

Many of the plastic parts that make up RC vehicles, especially suspension parts, are made of nylon or a plastic formulation that includes nylon. Nylon is “hygroscopic,” which means it absorbs moisture. This occurs naturally, as nylon will absorb moisture from the air (and also dry out, when the air is dry).